Meeting with New CEO of SME Corp Malaysia

By Ms. Alycia Lee 

I have the liberty to be amongst the team from Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers to attend a meet up session with the new CEO of SME Corp Malaysia, Mr. Noor Azmi Mat Said and his team on 5th March.


It was a fruitful meeting. We talked about development programmes with support from SME Corp Malaysia to assist SME entrepreneurs in the area of traditional funding, alternative funding and hybrid financing. The suggestion that SME Corp Malaysia to review the SME Master Plan 2011 is well accepted and the reason is to move along with productive changes in the SME demographic to increase the manufacturing SME contribution to the national economy from its current 41% to 50%.



SME Corp updated that a recommendation has been sent to the new KSN (Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia) to encourage increment in purchases by government link companies from domestic SMEs. Some other highlights include a business networking& collaboration platform to be set up by Enterprise 50 Club, which already has its current 685 members, assistance to hi-tech industries and an ecosystem to cater for entrepreneurship at various levels.


Do look out for the National Entrepreneur Month in July 2019 where a National Entrepreneur Convention to be held from State to State. You may be able to pick up good ideas and funding assistance to expand your business.

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