Opportunity Networking

By Alycia Lee


We had a blast time on 16th May 2019 at H-Space Kota Damansara as our very first attempt to gather youth from the manufacturing industries for Business Opportunity Networking. It was driven by the idea of encouraging youth participation. This is an initiative by FMM SMI Youth Entrepreneurship led by Ir Ter as Chairman, Alycia Lee as the Organizing Chairperson, assisted by our young & dynamic charmers Brian Soo from Fire Fighter Industry & Stanley Siew from Dyno Klang with coordination from FMM Secretariat.


We were privileged to have John-Hans Oei, the co-founder of Microbs- a waste management solution company as our speaker. Came from a humble background, he is an epitome of young entrepreneurship. He believes that the limited time on earth motivates him to make a difference and bring justice via business.



We witnessed the contagious and enthusiastic young energy during our Q&A session and their mingling session. We hope this seed will spark on our next BON session to further forge new business partnerships among youth as manufacturing entrepreneurs.

FMM Selangor Business Opportunities Networking

By Alycia Lee

Joseph Schumpeter called the concept of replacing the old economic practice with a new one as Creative Disruption.  As Malaysia is going through the age of disruption, demographic transition, and economic progress into industrialisation, the youth is the main driver of economic growth.


FMM SYEC Chairman IrTer (Top-Mech Provincial Sdn. Bhd.) has big dreams to stimulate youth interest into the manufacturing industry. As the Organising Chair for BON, I would like to call all youth to be engaged, be empowered, be informed thinkers to be part of the Malaysia new age of economic disruption.


To all enterprising youth, do not miss this opportunity to be inspired by John-Hans Oei. This dynamic, young good looking entrepreneur started dabbling enterprising ideas since his college days. Don’t miss his insightful story to inspire you to reach greater heights!


Click https://app.evenesis.com/SITE/Event/Details/b312b88f-2160-4aa8-8972-1c0c847808a5/e  for more details.

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