Corporate Profile

How It Works – 5 Step Systematic Process

We adopt a 5-step mutually supportive process. And again, we ‘get into your skin’ as a virtual employee to understand your objectives. This allows you to be essentially hands off to pursue your business – only requiring some initial input and final approval.


Face to face interview with the company’s visionary and/or leader to understand the or ganisation’s business direction, aspirations, management team, product, services, history and legacy stories as well as your future plans and any other information to present your group in its best light.

Photo Session

Photography is an art. Every picture must tell a story – in keeping with the company’s vision and goals. But each picture also reflects the company’s credibility and professionalism. We will direct and choreograph a good set of photos in order to make a huge positive reflection of the company’s image.

Copywriting Draft

This draft will highlight all the Unique Selling Points (USP’s) of the company along with its goals and aspirations – merging the writing with the imagery in the photographs and vice versa.

Layout & Presentation Format and Materials

At this stage we will evaluate and determine with the client what format and medium will be used to deliver the Profile – such as even paper quality for a printed version, or to enhance PowerPoint, Social Media and other web styles and formats, and/or merging with any existing corporate website. This will also include discussion on Promotion and Advertising opportunities.

Final Product

Once Step 4 is finalised, we will roll out the Profile based on the format, style and medium decided by the client.

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