Corporate Profile

Importance of A Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile Presentation

Corporate Profile presentations are most essential for a company to project a professional image – to lenders, government agencies, suppliers, customers and the general public. A Corporate Profile gives a first glimpse and most important first impression of what your company is and what it stands for – well beyond what your company does. Hence it is a critical introduction.


We have a team of very highly qualified, creative and experienced copywriters, photographers and layout designers who can present your company as one of the leaders in its field by projecting your company’s personality in its best light and reflecting your Vision and Values.

Business Plan

A good business plan starts with an effective Corporate Profile and then adds the Financial Statistics, Marketing Strategies and Forward Projections and Management Team, Missions and Goals.


With our financial background and experience, we expand on the Company Profile to assist in developing the most effective Business Plan. We use the 5 step approach as with a Company Profile while interlaying the Financial, Marketing and Management information.

Marketing Plan

An effective, well written and presented Marketing Plan plays a huge role in convincing lending institutions, potential investors and even government bodies, to ‘buy into’ the Company’s requirements. On the other hand a poorly written plan, even with great photographs and images, reflects badly on the professionalism of the organisation and can often lead to rejection of funds, government support or investment.


We will help you deliver your message in the most professional and effective manner


An effective prospectus incorporates ALL the above components. In this regard, we will fill in any gaps in your preparation of the necessary information leading to a company listing.

What If I Already Have A Corporate Profile?

Perhaps you have existing documents or presentation. But often, these can be poorly written, badly presented or simply ineffective. We will evaluate your presentation and make recommendation as to how to deliver it in it most effective and professional light. This may be as simple as:


To identify incorrect grammar, spelling or simple typos. These can diminish your otherwise great material


To enhance your existing presentation and deliver a more concise and effective message, eliminating often long-winded and unnecessary information that turns off or fails to attract the reader.


After evaluation we may mutually agree on a complete rewrite of your document or presentation to make it effective.

Layout and Design

Perhaps your Profile and Business Plan simply need some good photocopy or a layout artist to give it more oomph and pizzazz.