Business Financing

How It Works – 5 Step Systematic Process

Initial Assessment

As our principals are directly engaged in the process, we will first conduct an initial assessment and preliminary understanding of all the business challenges faced by clients – thus determining their funding and the probability of success. This process is achieved by face-to-face meetings and follow-up phone/conference – as necessary to move to the next step.

Funding Options

Assuming we have confidence in the application and upon completion of a thorough financial and business analysis, the various funding options would be discussed – with agreement and approval by the client.

Credit Proposal

Next, we will prepare a comprehensive business credit proposal taking into account the policies and requirements of the targeted lending institution/s. This includes addressing all pertinent issues relating to the funding.


We then make a representation on behalf of the client to the relevant government agencies, banks, or other lending institutions – having ensured the application matches the lending policies of funding institutions. This avoids technical delays from missing or inadequate information and ensures smooth submission of the loan applications.

Follow Up

We then track and carry out continuous follow-through on the loan applications. This may include subsequent meetings on behalf of the client until approvals are obtained, and Letters of Offer are issued.

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