Business Financing

How We Add Value to Your Submission

Personal Engagement by the Principals of TASB

Our commitment is to personal engagement and success. Hence our principals are personally engaged through the entire process and not delegating to junior or third parties.

We will Identify, Source, Analyze and compile all pertinent information required to submit your requirements to banks and financial institutions

With numerous successful applications behind us, we know the exact information required, where to obtain it, and how to best deliver it.

Gain access to a wide range of Banks, Government agencies, established Credit Houses, P2P, and other Lending Institutions

Over the years and with the experience we have built a reputation of credibility and trust with various institutions – likewise being able to identify the most suitable sources for your particular needs.

We become your Trusted Advisor, Loan Analyst, and loan arrangement Experts

Your goals and requirements become Ours! Hence we bring our expertise into your organization – acting as a ‘Virtual Employee’ until the process is completed.

We’ll represent you with a professional and funding savvy presentation to the targeted source for funds

Our extensive experience in the funding field allows for a ‘no nonsense’ presentation to lending institutions – delivering precise, professionally presented information tailored to the often strict but varying guidelines of the relevant source organizations.

We remain with you until the loan is approved

In addition to the targeted compilation and presentation of your submission, we ensure regular follow-up, updating you on the status and progress of your application – again acting as if an inside employee and freeing up your staff to get on with your core business activities. Our final fees are indeed dependent on success!

We maintain strict confidentiality

We never divulge the identity of our client or client list – even at the expense of being unable to provide client testimonials to support our claims of success!