Alycia Lee unveiled the minds of financial

What a brilliant day to start 28th May 2019!

Speaking to a group of young aspiring enthusiasts – university students, young entrepreneurs, NGO representatives, business owners & representatives and incubates is delightful. A bucketful of good information was translated across the audience at the Money Talk event organised by Innovation Incubation Centre Technology Park Malaysia. Shades of funding product include factoring, SIRIM grant and unsecured loans by commercial banks were introduced.



Alycia Lee unveiled the minds of financial providers by speaking on “Secret to get Fund Applications Approved”. Many participants failed to understand the importance to understand the focus points how credit evaluators assess loan applications. These keys help business owners and start-ups to prepare themselves well before applying any loans/grants by working in their business models, business strategies, sustainability factors, financial document, how to build business cash flow and informative & creative corporate profiles.


Coming Event

Alycia Lee has been invited to attend the European Union Circular Economy on 11th June 2019. There will be twenty European Union delegates from various European countries, including 2 Investment Funding Corporates. She is looking forward to pen another interesting blog on this coming event to link local business partners to collaborate with business owners from the European Union.

Opportunity Networking

By Alycia Lee


We had a blast time on 16th May 2019 at H-Space Kota Damansara as our very first attempt to gather youth from the manufacturing industries for Business Opportunity Networking. It was driven by the idea of encouraging youth participation. This is an initiative by FMM SMI Youth Entrepreneurship led by Ir Ter as Chairman, Alycia Lee as the Organizing Chairperson, assisted by our young & dynamic charmers Brian Soo from Fire Fighter Industry & Stanley Siew from Dyno Klang with coordination from FMM Secretariat.


We were privileged to have John-Hans Oei, the co-founder of Microbs- a waste management solution company as our speaker. Came from a humble background, he is an epitome of young entrepreneurship. He believes that the limited time on earth motivates him to make a difference and bring justice via business.



We witnessed the contagious and enthusiastic young energy during our Q&A session and their mingling session. We hope this seed will spark on our next BON session to further forge new business partnerships among youth as manufacturing entrepreneurs.

FMM Selangor Business Opportunities Networking

By Alycia Lee

Joseph Schumpeter called the concept of replacing the old economic practice with a new one as Creative Disruption.  As Malaysia is going through the age of disruption, demographic transition, and economic progress into industrialisation, the youth is the main driver of economic growth.


FMM SYEC Chairman IrTer (Top-Mech Provincial Sdn. Bhd.) has big dreams to stimulate youth interest into the manufacturing industry. As the Organising Chair for BON, I would like to call all youth to be engaged, be empowered, be informed thinkers to be part of the Malaysia new age of economic disruption.


To all enterprising youth, do not miss this opportunity to be inspired by John-Hans Oei. This dynamic, young good looking entrepreneur started dabbling enterprising ideas since his college days. Don’t miss his insightful story to inspire you to reach greater heights!


Click https://app.evenesis.com/SITE/Event/Details/b312b88f-2160-4aa8-8972-1c0c847808a5/e  for more details.

By Ms. Alycia Lee 

I have the liberty to be amongst the team from Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers to attend a meet up session with the new CEO of SME Corp Malaysia, Mr. Noor Azmi Mat Said and his team on 5th March.


It was a fruitful meeting. We talked about development programmes with support from SME Corp Malaysia to assist SME entrepreneurs in the area of traditional funding, alternative funding and hybrid financing. The suggestion that SME Corp Malaysia to review the SME Master Plan 2011 is well accepted and the reason is to move along with productive changes in the SME demographic to increase the manufacturing SME contribution to the national economy from its current 41% to 50%.



SME Corp updated that a recommendation has been sent to the new KSN (Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia) to encourage increment in purchases by government link companies from domestic SMEs. Some other highlights include a business networking& collaboration platform to be set up by Enterprise 50 Club, which already has its current 685 members, assistance to hi-tech industries and an ecosystem to cater for entrepreneurship at various levels.


Do look out for the National Entrepreneur Month in July 2019 where a National Entrepreneur Convention to be held from State to State. You may be able to pick up good ideas and funding assistance to expand your business.

Business Exploration Meeting with UAE Delegation at FMM

By Alycia Lee


February 12, 2019, is another exciting day! FMM received a courtesy visit from UAE delegation from Mohammad Omar Bin HaiderHolding Group (MOBH) PSC, a UAE based company. MOBH is one of Dubai’s leading business groups with diversified holdings spanning multiple industries and geographies.


Its CEO and Chairman; Mr. Mohammad Omar Bin Haider, a well-known public figure and businessman in various organizations in UAE, sent his representatives Mr. Abdo Kayali, General Manager for International Relations and Dr. Naji Bou Fakhreddine, Business Development Director to explore the potential business opportunities in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries. We had an excellent maiden discussion into their proposed sectors of interest which includes agriculture, healthcare, aerospace, pharmaceutical, steel, and hospitality.


I was among the representatives from SMI, Youth and Entrepreneurship Committee (SYEC) together with Dr.Yeoh, CEO of FMM to receive Dr. Naji and Mr. Abdu.


Committee Members of FMM SMI, Youth and Entrepreneurship

By Alycia Lee

On 31 Jan 2019, I had a great opportunity to meet with Mr. Adul Chotinisakorn, Director General of Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce of Thailand and his team at Four Seasons Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. They introduce the Young Entrepreneurs Network Development Program (Yen D-Program) to the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) and other local chambers and leading trade associations. The event was relevant and meaningful to FMMSMI, Youth and Entrepreneurship which I was among the representatives of the FMM working committee.


During the briefing session, we were enlightened with its main objective which aims to develop the Thailand-Malaysia economy on the basis of building and supporting new young entrepreneurs. This platform leads to creating a competitive advantage among entrepreneurs within the network to operate their business in a collaborative manner.

Apart from building a strong network for young entrepreneurs, it also expands their business perspective to invest in emerging business opportunity and formulate competitive strategies in different market situations to increase trading and investing collaboration. This is proven after a series of successful collaboration with Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar, Thailand is currently seeking collaboration with us through working with local trade associations and explore in any potential that could be a foundation to work on.

YEN-D Plus

Another great point of this program is Thailand is sponsoring an All Expenses Paid to 30 young entrepreneurs to participate in this programme in Bangkok and Kanchanapuri Province. Those interested to register with Thai Embassy Kuala Lumpur and application ends on 26 April 2019. The programme helps to equip the participants’ frameworks and essential tools to their business strategy formulation in this digital era.  I strongly believe this great starter pack is definitely a not to be missed opportunity for our local entrepreneurs to be successful and thrive in this fast-changing environment.

For more info please write to info@treasureadvisory.com.

SME funding advisory

Ms. Alycia Lee, Director, and Principal of Treasure Advisory Sdn. Bhd. will be speaking on SME funding and obtaining financing at a session “Improving Success in Obtaining Financing,” on 19th March.” The session is being organized by the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) and SMI, Youth & Entrepreneurship Committee exclusively for FMM members.

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