Business Exploration Meeting with UAE Delegation at FMM

By Alycia Lee


February 12, 2019, is another exciting day! FMM received a courtesy visit from UAE delegation from Mohammad Omar Bin HaiderHolding Group (MOBH) PSC, a UAE based company. MOBH is one of Dubai’s leading business groups with diversified holdings spanning multiple industries and geographies.


Its CEO and Chairman; Mr. Mohammad Omar Bin Haider, a well-known public figure and businessman in various organizations in UAE, sent his representatives Mr. Abdo Kayali, General Manager for International Relations and Dr. Naji Bou Fakhreddine, Business Development Director to explore the potential business opportunities in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries. We had an excellent maiden discussion into their proposed sectors of interest which includes agriculture, healthcare, aerospace, pharmaceutical, steel, and hospitality.


I was among the representatives from SMI, Youth and Entrepreneurship Committee (SYEC) together with Dr.Yeoh, CEO of FMM to receive Dr. Naji and Mr. Abdu.