About Us

Consultation with excellence and expertise

Treasure Advisory was founded to serve business owners and companies. 


We specialise in funding arrangements for clients. We possess in-depth knowledge of credit evaluation, lenders’ criteria, and the selection process advocated by lending institutions.


We provide a wide range of services in transfer pricing compliance including Transfer Pricing Documentation (TPD), benchmarking analysis, inter-company agreements, documenting pricing policies and transfer pricing dispute management. We also understand the struggle of clients who choose to prepare their TPD, as it requires a high degree of technical knowledge of the subject matter. We provide training, technical and consultancy services to assist clients to ensure that their TPDs are aligned with regulatory compliance.

We have affiliate tax professionals to provide tax advice to our clients.

Whilst Treasure Advisory is not a legal service provider, we work in
association with independent legal firms for TP audit defence and tax appeal issues.

Alycia Lee Mie Sin

LLB (Hons) London, MFP Aus Director, Principal Consultant

Alycia carries over 28 years of experience in funding consultancy and raising fund for enterprises —from initial analysis of overall viability to documentation and on to successful presentation and approvals. Her professional experience in business operations and credit evaluation with structured arguments have yielded funding approvals for her clients from banks, government funding agencies, and investors.


Alycia is also a transfer pricing professional who provides full and limited TPD, pricing policies and inter-company contracts. Her advisory work emphasises on aligning supporting documents with business operations to minimise inconsistency issues which may arise in a tax audit. Her transfer pricing clients consist of local companies. MNCs, listed companies and businesses with reported annual revenue of more than RM1billion.


Alycia’s eye for detail in issues on legality and compliance has helped turn complex business challenges and transfer pricing issues into workable resolutions. Having shaped the trajectory of several international businesses across countries, she has been keynote speaker at business forums, trade associations, business gatherings, and governmental agencies. Her work spans beyond the borders of Malaysia, into Thailand, Cambodia, and Indonesia. Her expertise has also yielded massive tax savings for a MNC client in Cambodia.


Alycia earned her Advanced Professional Certificate in Transfer Pricing from IBFD Amsterdam, Bachelor of Laws Degree from The University of London and a Master’s Degree in Financial Planning from the University of The Sunshine Coast Australia.

Louis has been in the financial services sector for 14 years. He had delved much in the areas of industry research, financial modelling structure, investment analysis and business lending. Louis possesses a strong understanding of lending criteria, practised by financial institutions. Amongst his capabilities include monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to assess the performance and effectiveness of business strategies and initiatives.


His main task includes transfer pricing industry research and comparability analysis for TPD, developing financial modelling and cash flow analysis. In performing his responsibilities responsibly, Louis constantly ensures data accuracy, integrity, and consistency through data validation, quality checks, and adherence to data governance policies. He also seek to identify and resolve data quality issues or gaps that may impact analysis and decision-making.

Louis Lee

Research & Transfer Pricing Comparability Studies

Neel Achary

Marketing & Digital Strategies

Neel Achary has 20+ years of experience in digital marketing and online media. He holds a Master’s Degree in Economics, Spanish A1 Certificate, and Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication (PGDJMC). He served many leading organisations in the USA and accomplished multiple digital marketing & internet marketing projects besides mainstream media organisations.


At TASB, Neel looks after digital marketing initiatives and public relations activities. His expertise is generating leads, building marketing strategies, search engine optimization, online marketing, blog management and online media presentation.

Joanne holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Universiti Malaya. Packed with over 30 years of experience in the publishing industry, and having witnessed the analogue era evolve into digital media, Joanne is a powerhouse of skillsets that combine management skills with creative capabilities, delivering them effectively through contemporary communication platforms. Her suit of know-how expanded into the realm of wellness, where she has managed wellness centre businesses following her stint in publishing.


Independent, organised, diligent and meticulous in every task assigned, Joanne is currently charged with client coordination, business presentation decks, corporate communication tools and assists efficiently in most of TASB’s projects.

Joanne Tan

Corporate Communications
& PA to Principal