Transfer Pricing Training


The arm’s length approach, which is internationally accepted as the preferred basis for determining the transfer price of a transaction between associated persons, will be the basis adopted by Inland Revenue Board Malaysia (IRBM). This is consistent with the objective of minimising the possibility for double taxation.

It is crucial for finance & tax personnel and directors of companies to accurately understand the central concepts and tenets of transfer pricing. TASB provides training courses that delve into the fundamentals of transfer pricing. This is a division that is constantly growing. As we gradually increase our training topics, we aim to cover the following areas:

An upcoming 1-DAY Training Module, titled
"A Practical Guide to Transfer Pricing – new LHDN Form C" will be conducted on 18 August 2023. This HRDC Claimable training is designed to guide attendees on the requirements of Form C (Controlled Transactions) and the Minimum TPD template.

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